Class Descriptions

Little Giants:

3-6 year-old program designed to familiarize children with the fundamentals of martial arts and prepare them for a lifestyle of discipline, focus, skill, and ambition.


7-12 year-old program intends to help students enjoyably embrace the characteristics of a martial artist through a high-energy, challenging combination of curriculum, drills, self-defense.

Special Forces:

All Ages- Accommodating the needs and requests of our specially-abled students. We stress the importance of martial arts being used “only on bad guys.” This way, students become acquainted with self-defense principles with restraint in everyday situations. We also targets concepts of physical fitness, social skills, focus, and more!

Teen/Adult Class:

A mature, traditional-style class focusing on kata, self-defense, and mental skill-building. Some classes begin with a bag warmup, as well as start and finish class with meditation.