At Suntree Martial Arts, our goal is self-development. We have chosen to use the means of excellent martial arts, life coaching, and more to further our passion: helping people. 


Sensei Juan Queris

Head Instructor

Sensei Juan began his journey of martial arts in 1966. He holds degrees in Jidokwan Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Kung Fu, Hapkido, Shobayashi Shorin Ryu & Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu. Sensei has competed in numerous tournaments throughout the USA for more than 48 years and has practiced for 50 years.

His teaching style especially emphasizes the philosophical and traditional side of the art rather than “sport karate”.  He has trained numerous students to the level of black belt and instructor at his dojo, Winter Haven Budokai, and holds a 7th Dan.  Sensei Juan operates as a member of Shorin Ryu Karatedo International.


Check out Sensei Juan’s kata performance


Sensei Morgan Frechette


Sensei Morgan has been training in Shorin Ryu karate for twelve years and holds a 2nd Dan under Sensei Juan Queris of Winter Haven Budokai. She spent 2009 and 2010 competing almost weekly throughout the Midwest and won several championship titles. Sensei Morgan’s ultimate goal is to help others. She devotes most of her time to her involvement in local non-profits: Guardian ad Litem, Nana’s House Children’s Home, and serving on the board of directors for Children’s Home Society of Florida.

She was raised in a family of Autism and naturally gravitates towards uniquely-capable individuals. Sensei Morgan has served on many levels within the special needs community and is thrilled with the opportunity to bring them martial arts. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Production from Berklee College of Music. She has found this technical degree to be an asset for developing media content in the forms of music and video for her nonprofit work. Her husband and young daughter also share in this vision to further serve the community and bring martial arts to ALL individuals.

Check out Sensei Morgan’s award-winning video for Nana’s House Children’s Home

OFFICIAL music video "When I See You" feat. Nana's House Child…

Our winning video chosen by National Right to Life is intended to spread hope to girls who are in the frightening position of an unplanned pregnancy.We hope you enjoy!Filmed at Nana's House Children's Home to promote awareness for their gated community being built which will embrace FORTY neglected, abused, needy, and abandoned children! Find out more at: Lyrics:"When I See You"Vocalist: Kaylie SchwartzWritten by Morgan Frechette The moon is fading one more time and I can’t sleep with you on my mind That’s how I feel, lately Now into the day I go I know Things will fall into place but they don’t That’s how I feel, latelyResonating from inside me You remind me You’re the one and only Echo to my heartbeat Only one who knows my heart I knew from the start That the road may get hard I know I’ll be complete When I see youHere is the choice I stand and claimTo hold the gift I have not seen Love of mine unbornYou’ll save my life in my arms I haven’t see the light quite yetBut guess who’s gonna' make itI know I’ll be complete

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Roselyn Burnett, MA RMHCI

Girls Circle Certified

Suntree Martial Arts Student Life Coach

Founder of iCHOOSE

“Coach B” is a mother of 6 children and a wife of 10 years to a supportive husband. She was born and raised by her grandparents with 8 boys in Miami Florida. She relocated to Melbourne, Fl where she attended Florida Institute of Technology on a full basketball scholarship.  She studied and received her BA in Psychology with a concentration in ABA. She continued her education by obtaining a MA in Mental Health Counseling at Webster University.

Passionate about helping and encouraging others, serving troubled at-risk teenagers and adults with mental disorders seemed like a natural fit. Roselyn has served the youth and adults in Brevard County since 2006. In her free time, Roselyn enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering with Melbourne Police Pal as a Head Youth Basketball Coach.  Currently, Roselyn works with adults recovering from substance abuse, elementary students with behavioral concerns, and teenage girls in group homes.  Grateful for life, Roselyn’s purpose is to continue to help others establish and maintain their right to choose.