After School Program Policies, Terms & Conditions

Food & Drink Policy

  • Students may keep a labeled snack bin stored in our After School Program Areas. It is the family’s responsibility to keep their child’s snacks replenished, though our staff will often provide reminders.
  • The After School Program Staff will have “back up” snacks to provide for children who are upset, hungry, and out of snacks. Parents will be charged $1 per snack or the child can replace the snack with one of their own from home.
  • We request that snacks not include candy, popcorn, or any drink aside from water.

Mandatory Water Bottle Policy

  • Students are required to bring a water bottle to each class. Water bottles can be stored in their personal bin at the After School Program. 

They are absolutely welcome to use our water jugs to refill!

Behavioral Policy

Children are expected to follow directions and rules in both the Dojo and the After School Program Area. They will be written up and warned one time to stop the undesirable behavior as well as assigned cleaning, push-ups, and writing sentences with an apology. If a second occurrence happens they will be written up again and experience consequences determined by the instructor or caregiver that may include removal from the class or having their belt removed. If disrespectful, harmful, or belligerent behavior persists, the student may be removed from the program.

In the After School Program area, the below actions are not tolerated:

  • Failure to follow clear directions.
  • Pushing, shoving, horseplay, or any incident where during transition times they fail to keep their hands to themselves.
  • Speaking with disrespect to an instructor or fellow student.
  • Lack of focus and excessive silliness during skill-based practice.
  • Talking during an instructor’s teaching.
  • Poor Sportsmanship (shouting, crying, bragging etc.).
  • Poor Hygiene – Long or dirty finger and toenails, soiled or inappropriate attire, odor, etc.

Acceptable Communication Policy

  • It is unacceptable to reach out to instructors or staff via text messages or personal cell phones regarding student matters. All concerns should be redirected to 
  • Our students are our priority and they are who we focus on during business hours.
  • For immediate questions or concerns, please refer to our Facebook page or try our school number (321) 775-3073.
  • Please leave a message if necessary and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

While phone calls are appreciated and will be returned, our best form of contact is via email at


Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend their scheduled classes at a minimum of two (2) days per week unless otherwise stated. If a student is ill or injured and needs to skip a class, please notify us at, otherwise, students will be expected to change and attend class.

Families must notify us of any changes to a student’s pick up plan by 1:30 pm (12:15 pm on early release days) the day of or risk a $25 charge. We understand that sometimes unplanned circumstances lead to unscheduled pickups, but we still need for families to notify us even if it’s close to school dismissal time. Planned pick-up changes should be emailed to and unplanned. last-minute changes should be made via phone at (321) 775-3073.
Emails do not need to be formal. Just simply type:  {student name} Absent {day of week}, (Ex: Ethan Absent Tuesday) in the email Subject and send.

Verbally mentioning changes to one of the caregivers does not constitute adequate notice.

It is our strict policy to not leave any school until we can account for every single student who is scheduled to be picked up by Suntree Martial Arts. When students don’t show up to the van, the time it takes us to track down school employees and families to confirm absences can make us late to our next school pick up and can cause all students from that school, or more, to miss their scheduled karate classes.

The After School Program coincides with the Brevard County school calendar. If the schools are closed, so is our program and Suntree Martial Arts.

Pick Up Policy

Students will only be released for pick up to adults listed on their registration forms unless otherwise indicated via email to and must include the alternate adult’s full name. They will be required to show a driver’s license to confirm I.D. 

Our pick up time is 6:15 pm firm. All program activity ends at 6 pm and any remaining students will be ready to go home soon after that. Families picking up students after 6:15 will be charged $1 for each minute late. Late fees will be charged to the card on file in $10 increments.

Good Communication/Good Vibes Policy

  • We request that our families keep us courteously informed on anything we should know so we can best serve our students and the student family. Remember, we care about our student families and want to be in the know! (Ie., upcoming absence, upcoming travel, birthday, sickness, injury/illness, reasonable tardiness, etc.) This can be done via email at or in-person to our instructors.
  • We ask you to please be a part of this established amazing nature of our school by embracing the staff and instructor-student relationship and being involved. It is very much founded on trust, respect, and courtesy so we wish to reflect the same between the parents and instructors/staff as well. Our instructors are all very personable and caring staff. Please treat each with the consideration and kindness they deserve as your student’s Sensei or Senpai (instructor or junior instructor) or caregiver, so we can kindly model the courteous relationship for our students. A kind smile or a few words go a long way for our young students and sets the example of what they are learning in their training.
  • We request that families celebrate and honor testing opportunities with gratitude with their students. When a student is invited to test, it is a very exciting time of much pride and accomplishment to present. It is also an honor for a student to be invited to test, and again, should be treated with gratitude and priority. Thus, as tradition goes, testing is at the discretion of the instructor and should go unchallenged. Testing is to be prioritized and questioned minimally. This is one area our school strictly requires our students to take seriously and prioritize in their schedules. This is purely for tradition’s sake and is an essential part of character development among the training of the student!! Please refer to the student handbook for further information on testing.
  • Negative talk or negative vibes are not embraced or tolerated in our program. If you have a need, please kindly ask our staff. We want to help. If this is a pattern you have noticed, we request you kindly bring it up to the Owner/Head Instructor, Morgan Frechette, or Program Director, Marie Dabbs in person or via email at so we can assist to resolve or improve upon the issue.
  • We are on the same team! Please trust the judgment of the instructors who truly have the best interest of the student in mind. Please do not try to interfere with your child’s training by challenging our instructors, “showing” them concepts they have not learned yet, or other ideas without the Head Instructor’s permission. Please understand that when the family attempts to make decisions for their child’s training instead of honoring the Sensei’s request or natural progress for the student, it oversteps the boundary into the student-instructor relationship and sends an undesirable signal to the student and school.
  • Please always feel free to consult us via email at, in person, or the instructor on the deck on aspects your student needs assistance with in class!
  • Please always ask any questions you may have about how to help the progress of your child! It is always encouraged and appreciated when families help students by initiating practice at home.

Homework Completion

The nature of martial arts rests upon attributes such as honesty, integrity, character, and effort. At Suntree Martial Arts, we hold students accountable for taking their disciplined skills learned in martial arts to both school and home.

We would like for parents to communicate with us when students are suffering in grades and may need extra attention or focus on their homework.

We expect students to be honest and forthcoming when they have homework that needs to be completed. If we know they have homework, we will make sure they work on it in one of our dedicated homework areas. The entire first part of their time in our program is geared towards homework and quiet if students aren’t at karate. If families discover their student is not getting their homework completed, we will have a three-way discussion to discover why they are not completing it with us.

Students are welcome to have their tutors join them in our program area for additional support. Please notify Marie at to make arrangements.

Tuition & Fees Timelines

All tuition payments must be paid on each Monday during the school year.

Families shall pay for tuition with a debit/ credit card to be set up on recurring payments for the school year (except for three weeks off) and will also be used to charge any additional fees incurred by the family such as late pick-up and no-show fees. Tuition will auto-draft each Monday the payment is due.

Suntree Martial Arts does not spend unneeded time chasing families for their communication on payments. We have an established nature within Suntree Martial Arts of families being courteous and communicable.

It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that weekly tuition payments are available to be processed each week. 

  • A $10 late fee will be applied if payment is not received by Friday if it was declined earlier in the week.
  • A $20 late fee will be applied for payments received after the following Monday.
  • A $15 fee will be applied for any declined payments. 
  • It is unacceptable for families to continue using our services while avoiding payments. Good communication regarding payments is absolutely mandatory. Please do not allow payments to become a burden to the staff. Failure to attend our program does not signify or imply notification to cancel one’s membership.
  • Any accommodations should be discussed promptly with Marie Dabbs in person or at A phone conversation may be scheduled by calling the school at 321-775-3073.
  • Suntree Martial Arts reserves the right to contact additional family members on the account to retrieve payment.
  • If communication efforts have not been returned and payments are still outstanding, Suntree Martial Arts reserves the right to turn the account over to collections.
  • Payments During School Breaks & Holidays: The After School Program coincides with the Brevard County school calendar. If the schools are closed, so is our After School Program and Suntree Martial Arts.
  • As a small business, we have many necessary monthly expenses tied directly to our programs and we rely on the consistency of tuition and your contribution to the business to operate sustainably. We appreciate your understanding and concern of our students having a great program.
  • Billing for the After School Program students will be processed each week, regardless of breaks in the school calendar, in order to cover facilities costs. Some school weeks will not have five days due to holidays or school breaks. As such, we do not pro-rate payment during those weeks.
  • We offer three weeks with no weekly fees during the school year: two weeks of Winter Break and one week of Spring Break. The school year runs for 42 weeks total, but you will be billed for only 39 weeks.
  • In the event the After School Program must close for five consecutive weekdays or fewer due to a natural disaster or other unplanned weather events, tuition will not be pro-rated and will still be paid. If the program must close for more than five consecutive weekdays due to the above-mentioned scenarios or in the event of national or state direction (i.e. COVID-19) no tuition will be paid after that initial five weekdays up until school resumes.
  • You can view the specific dates for the Brevard School District’s breaks and holidays on our After School Program Page.

Membership Change Policy Failure to attend the program does not signify or imply notification to cancel one’s membership. Membership is non-transferable.

  • As you are aware, our program does not require the industry-standard “contracts” to sign up. Additionally, our no-contract membership is the SAME price as schools that require you to sign up with long-term contracts. With that in mind, we do require adequate notice in order to refill the vacant student spot.
  • Important: A 60-day notice of any membership changes or cancellations must be made in writing or via email to of such plans. 
  • The membership is canceled when all payments and dues within the specified notification period are paid in full. The notification period shall be (60) sixty days. Any arrangements made otherwise are at the Head Instructor/Owner’s discretion. 

Thank you for understanding and your ongoing support for our After School Program. Many of you are aware that this school was founded purely out of passion and the goal of the highest level of training and service to the wonderful families of our community. We LOVE our students and want the absolute best for them! We hope that you will support our efforts under the ideology that martial arts is about honor, integrity, respect, and courtesy to others.

Sensei Morgan Frechette Owner-Operator, Head Instructor
Marie Dabbs After School Program Director

Any arrangements regarding the policies listed above made otherwise are at the owner’s discretion. If a student is underage, parents should review the dojo rules and regulations with the student to ensure that policies are understood.