What is Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu Karate?

The art of Matsubayashi-Ryu was founded in 1947 by Osensei Shoshin Nagamine (1907-1997) Hanshi, 10th dan. Matsubayashi-Ryu is a form of Shorin-ryu, which in turn is one of the major styles of Okinawan Karate-Do.

The Meaning of Matsubayashi Ryu?

“Matsubayashi” is the Okinawn/Japanese pronunciation of the ideograms for “Pine Forest.: “Matsu” means “pine” and “Hayashi” means forest.” When the two words are put together, the “H” of Hayashi is pronounced as “B”. hence Matsubayashi. “Shorin” is the Chinese pronunciation of the same ideograms. The origin of this name is the Shaolin Temple in China. “Ryu” translates as style or system. Literally, it means “river,” which conveys the image that an art is a living, flowing thing.

Characteristics of Matsubayashi Ryu?

The main characteristic of Matsubayashi_ryu is to start with very natural movements, with no sense of awkwardness, and use a natural respiration method. Therfore, it places great importance on handling the body in a natural way, rapid and tempo-free movements, and tanren (development through hard training) of sharp techniques. In Matsubayashi_ryu, Kata are regarded as being creative, and an enbu, demonstration, emphasizes the harmony of speed, power and weight. The purpose of training is to train in principle of shin-gi-tai-ichinyo, (oneness of mind-technique-body) and master it.